Why Am I Spencer Crittenden

Hey everybody, I’m Greg Sowell and this is Why Am I, a podcast where I talk to interesting people and try to trace a path to where they find themselves today.  My guest this go around is Spencer Crittenden.  Spencer is kind of a big deal; you might recognize him from: the Harmontown podcast where he DM’d, the show Great Minds from the History Channel, Harmonquest where he DM’d, or from his guest spot on Community as Annie’s brother.  He’s also a very polished, fight me, podcaster on the That Happens podcast.  He’s also a deep thinker who strives to precisely articulate his emotions to others; he’s actually got a mastery I’ll probably never obtain. Real quick, pause this and go to and become part of his community, support your favorite creators, and then enjoy this chat with Spencer.
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