Why Am I Bill Hammack (Engineer Guy)

Hey everybody, I’m Greg Sowell and this is Why Am I, a podcast where I talk to interesting people and try to trace a path to where they find themselves today.  My guest this go around is Bill Hammack.  You may not recognize his name, but you will never forget his voice…he is the “Engineer Guy.”  Bill is a multi discipline engineer, a professor, an author/contributor to many books, a radio broadcaster, but you really know him from his youtube channel where he has millions of subscribers and even more viewers.  His excitement and sheer delight with figuring out the new mediums makes it plain to see why he does it; not for the money, the accolades, or the views…it’s just another solution for him to engineer and improve LOL.  His grounded approach to social media and video platforms has given me a new perspective to approach my work…which I think is the overall goal…I think he just performed his magic trick on me.  I hope you enjoy this conversation with my favorite hedgehog, Bill. Help us grow by sharing with someone!
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