Fantasy Restaurant Catherine King

Welcome to the warmup exercise for the Why Am I podcast called “the Fantasy Restaurant.” In here my guests get to pick their favorite: drink, appetizer, main, sides, and dessert…anything goes. Catherine came prepared…with notes. It appears she does nothing by half measures. I enjoyed this simple meal and I, obviously, agree that everything is better with coconut LOL. I hope you enjoy this meal with Catherine. Help us grow by sharing with someone!
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Catherine is all about amplification, so here’s a list of additional voices she want’s heard:

Aamer Anwer – @aameranwer

Gary Young – @garyyounge

The MS society @mssocietyuk

My PhD centre – Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – @RCStweets @RCS_The Exchange

The Auschwitz Memorial – @AuschwitzMuseum

And some brilliant British deaf sign language using companies and performers:










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