Why Am I Tawny Lara

Hey everybody, I’m Greg Sowell and this is Why Am I, a podcast where I talk to interesting people and try to trace a path to where they find themselves today.  My guest this go around is Tawny Lara.  She is a child of two worlds; one is as a rock and roll California kid and one as a journalist from my ultra conservative hometown of Waco Texas.  Somewhere in all of it she lost herself in the bar scene, and didn’t find her way out(and back to writing) until she dropped everything and moved to NYC without knowing a soul there.  She’s now the proud parent of a new book Dry Humping(which you should preorder), and podcast host of Sobriety Rocks; I love seeing this kid spread her wings.  I hope you enjoy this chat with Tawny. Help us grow by sharing with someone!
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