Why Am I Ron Blatchley

Hey everybody, I’m Greg Sowell and this is Why Am I, a podcast where I talk to interesting people and try to trace a path to where they find themselves today.  My guest this go around is Ron Blatchley.  He’s something of a local celebrity here in College Station as he was once director of student affairs at Texas A&M and also was the mayor of Bryan for a handful of years.  He then went on to own and operate 13 McDonalds here.  The man has never met a stranger, and by all accounts he’s got it made.  What you don’t know is that he had an extremely traumatic childhood growing up dirt poor with basically zero support system.  He’s spent a lifetime making sure he never feels that way again.  Man can I relate to that.  Maybe the next time you say hi to Ron it will remind you that we are all fighting invisible battles.  This is my first in person interview, so let me know what you think and be sure to share episodes you enjoy. If you’ve enjoyed this or any of the podcasts I’m asking you to share it with at least one person; help me grow! I hope you enjoy this chat with Ron.
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