Why Am I Jimmy Ogle

This is Why Am I, a podcast that is all about having conversations with interesting people to try and trace a path to where they find themselves today. My guest this go around is Jimmy Ogle. He is truly in love with the city of Memphis in a way that I’ve never seen anyone love a city. He’s only the third person to be named as the Shelby County historian, he’s headed countless city organizations, and has given thousands of tours of the city. In fact, I met him on a tour of bridges, that lead to a walking tour, that lead to a manhole cover tour, and ultimately led me to do a special tour of the country’s first separated storm drain system…I was literally looking at vaulted brick chambers that only a handful of people had ever seen. As you’ll notice, if you ask him a yes or no question you emerge 20 minutes later, much wiser, but without an answer to the original question. Please enjoy this chat with Jimmy.
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