Why Am I Chè Monique

Hey everybody, I’m Greg Sowell and this is Why Am I, a podcast where I talk to interesting people and try to trace a path to where they find themselves today.  My guest this go around is Chè Monique.  She was kind enough to don her human form to talk to me about her life as a mermaid.  On the surface it seems pretty simple, but as soon as you put a little time into it, you realize it is this extremely rich and nuanced culture…it seems most of the nuance consists of puns, so prepare yourself.  I was initially drawn to Chè because of this insanely inclusive community she’s developed called “The Society Of Fat Mermaids.”  In there is pure childlike joy being shared along with things I never expected to ponder like…what wigs are best underwater and how’s the foot pouch on this tail.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy this enchanted conversation with Chè.
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